Mykonos' true secrets can be found along rocky island paths, within white-walled incense-scented churches, behind freshly painted shutters, in traditional cubist architecture, on ephemeral beaches, fine restaurants, and in the lively nightlife. The Queen of the Cyclades welcomes celestial and celebrity visitors, as well as aristocrats, rock stars, and the occasional enigmatic traveler. 


Mykonos isn't just a beautiful Greek island; it's a place steeped in jet-set history.  For decades, this captivating destination has lured A-listers, from Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy to Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren.  Their presence in the 1960s ignited a love affair that continues today, solidifying Mykonos' place as a glamorous escape for celebrities and discerning travelers alike.


More than just a playground for the rich and famous, Mykonos has become a global tourism hotspot.  Its timeless beauty, from pristine beaches to whitewashed villages, transcends celebrity allure.  Today, it beckons travelers worldwide seeking an unforgettable Aegean experience.  So, whether you're following in the footsteps of icons or simply yearning for an idyllic escape, Mykonos offers a legacy of glamour waiting to be discovered.


While visiting the "Island of the Winds" is a must-do on any tour of Greece. Reservations, however, are required, especially during the (high) season.

Here you will find all of the inside information you need to plan your perfect trip to Mykonos, including hotels, villas, studios, apartments, and rooms to suit any style or budget. Mykonos' pristine beaches, deep blue Aegean sky, and distinct lifestyle are waiting to be discovered.

Best secrets to discover Mykonos

Hidden locations, "private" beaches and unknown sights that reveal a different view of the island.


When we hear the word "Mykonos", many things come to mind. For most tourists it's the island of endless parties, celebrities and Instagram. But apart from its glamorous showcase, Mykonos has another side, calmer, simpler and authentic, that if you are in the mood to discover it, you will want to return to the island.


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