Entertainment in Mykonos


Entertainment in Mykonos is more than just nightlife. The frenzy rhythms of the island's famous cosmopolitan bars and clubs may transport you on an endless spree until the sun comes up. There are no strict dress code rules, so dancing in some of the historic clubs of Chora in your swimsuit and sunglasses is just how things work on Mykonos.



The night clubs of Mykonos are so many and so different from one another that will undoubtedly draw your attention, each for its own different reasons. Make a stroll in Chora after 8 pm and you will feel something dragging you like a magnet and carrying you away as you pass outside the clubs. In the first morning hours, when is time for thinking, count all the clubs that you passed by the previous night. You will definitely lose counting


All the bars of Mykonos were designed with love and care and they have their own reason of existence. Some of them are meeting places for those who meet on the island every summer. These are places where all friends will come across accidentally as they drink their coffee after swimming.


In the bars of Aleukantra and Mikri Venetia you can make your first stop to enjoy the magnificent sunset by drinking tasty cocktails in the small tables on the sea or in the wooden balconies of the Venetian district. If you wish more intense rhythms you can enter in the indoor places of the bars where the music is quite loud for the time.


As the laws of the island do not allow you to stay on the same place all night and the night has made its appearance for good, make a walk to Matogianni. There you will find bars with beautiful decoration, many people and a great variety of music. You can listen Latin, Roc n Roll, house, mainstream, music from the 80s and Greek music in all the bars from the consoles of the experienced DJs who left the night life of Athens and raise the fun for good in the island of the winds. If you are lucky enough to find a free table in one of the few and very small ones that are in the entrance of the bars on the street you may enjoy your drink by watching the mass of people as it passes in front of you.


If you visit all the bars and you still have energy, then you must dance until you say no more in the mega clubs of the island where people dance on the tables and bars with Greek and foreign hits.


There are also bouzoukia in Mykonos for all those who love live music until morning. Dance in the sounds of bouzouki with gillyflowers on your table and sing until morning.


Fast food shops stay open all night long for those who are still on the streets until dawn. Try to relax for a while after eating. Hung over after such a frenzy night will definitely be unavoidable. Rest and gain your strength as the fun starts again under the hot sun in the most famous beaches of the world, so you should no lose time in bed!