Mykonos' true secrets are found along rocky island paths, within white walled incense scented churches, behind freshly painted shutters, in traditional cubist architecture, on ephermal beaches, fine restaurants and in the liveliness of the night. The Queen of the Cyclades counts among her visitors stars of the celestial and celebrity kind, as well as, aristocrats, rockers and the occasional enigmatic traveler. 

As one of the most famous islands in the world, her timeless beauty has been attracting visitors since Aristotle Onassis, Jackie Kennedy and Maria Kalas first set foot on her shores in the 1960s - soon to be followed by others; Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren to name a few. Mykonos has since become an internationally known jet set destination for Greek and Foreign celebrities alike and has captured the world's imagination to become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the south Aegean.

While a visit to the "Island of the Winds" is a sine qua non of one's tour of Greece. Reservations, however, are a must especially during the (high) season.
Here, you will find all of the inside information required in planning your perfect trip to Mykonos with hotels, villas, studios, apartments and rooms all available for every style and budget. Mykonos' pristine beaches, deep blue Aegean sky and unique lifestyle are waiting to be explored.

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